What’s different about Fitclub Carlow?

When you walk through the doors of our gym, you’ll immediately notice the buzz of our classes, the passion of our trainers, the support of other members, and the community spirit which we are extremely proud of. And once you try a class or two, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

The only thing I ask you to leave outside the door are excuses.

Too busy, too broke, too fat, too old, too scared, too embarrassed, too unfit, etc etc etc “I don’t have time is the grown up version of the dog ate my homework”.

I have heard them all before and guess what…they’re all bullshit.

Seriously, anyone can have a better body, a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, and feel infinitely better every day…

All you have to do is take the first step…and you can start by taking a free “no risk” and “no obligation” trial to see the difference for yourself.

Fitclub Classes

Fitclub Classes cater to all fitness levels from beginner to intermediate. Available to both members and non members.

Fitclub Memberships

Whether you are an absolute beginner, a lite gym user or a hardcore fitness junkie Fitclub has a memberships level for you.

Fitclub Online

(NEW) Fitclub Online provides all the tools, resources and mentoring you need to achieve your goal, through our online portal.


  • Guarantee fast AND lasting results

  • Discover what you are truly capable of

  • Take back control of your health, your body and your confidence

  • Win at living life to fullest...

  • Support, mentoring and accountability

  • Be a part of The most amazing community of members EVER!


* morning classes are 60 minutes and evening classes are 45 minutes

Elite Classes


  • Morning classes are 60 minutes and evening classes are 45 minutes
  • Classes are free for Fitclub Classes Memberships. Check out the membership rates here.
  • Classes cost €6 for Non-Members and Gym Only Members. To book a class just click on the class on the timetable.
  • You can pay for classes online or just book it online and pay cash on arrival.
  • If you are a member, you won’t need to pay. Just choose the “PAY LATER” option on booking and turn up as normal but you won’t need to pay anything.

I joined FitClub with very little self confidence. Mark & Sarah have changed my life forever, from a warm welcome, to their extensive knowledge on health & exercise. Its not just a FitClub… its a FIT FAMILY

Lisa MulhallFit Club Member

I love Fit Club 24!! Definitely the best place to get in shape, friendly atmosphere and great trainers which are always there to give you advise and help you reach your goals. Once you start you wont want to stop!

Sarah ConroyFit Club Member

Unreal workouts, not only can you build muscle you want, you can get fit at the same time. Thats with a trainer by your side so you can never go wrong. KEEP IT ELITE!

Steven EganFit Club Elite

The place is amazing im really starting to see results after just 4 weeks getting stronger by the week and the support is, well!?…top notch!

Angela LawlorFit Club Elite

Great trainers,
classes can be tough but still good craic!!

Melanie Ni PhiondairFit Club Elite

Great Craic, great energy, great people………

Sarah BoyleFit Club Elite

FitClub Elite has changed how I train & eat! Every class is a fat burning, muscle building, hard core workout for all fitness levels

Brian DaltonFit Club Elite

Just had my first class today!!! It was great really enjoyed it and its a very friendly place cant wait until next week!!! Thanks guys

Jessica CooperFit Club Member

Brilliant staff who are focused and driven
on getting you the result you want

Ada MulhernFit Club Member

When I joined fit club 24 my aim was to get fit and healthy. I had a full assessment with Mark when I joined and he listened to the concerns I had about my health and fitness.  He immediately knew that I would benefit hugely by following the KSFL plan,which focuses on healthy eating, supplements and exercise. I was determined to do my best and followed the elimination plan combined with the recommended number of classes suggested.  After about five days I really felt the benefits. After three months I have totally changed my lifestyle and eating habits and feel so much better. I have also lost some weight, toned up and feel like a much stronger person physically and mentally.

The classes provided are always well thought out and so varied that I’ve looked forward to what’s coming next.  Mark and Sarah are so encouraging and are always available to help with any advice I need.  They are great motivators and it is a pleasure to share workouts with them.

Linda MitchelFitclub Kickstart

I thought I was fit til I joined fit club. It’s not like any other gym. The support n encouragement is so motivating. Mark and Sarah want best for all the fitsters and they’re approach is amazing. I’d recommend anyone to give it go. You won’t regret. I didn’t. Love it!

Roisin CooganFitclub

LOVE Fit Club, greatfun and excellent work out every time! Becomes a good addiction

Anita NolanFitclub

2 very motivated people Mark & Sarah . When I started going the only question I had then asked myself was, “why didnt i Start going years ago!?” If you want to stay motivated and, well basically have a personal trainer then this is the place for you. Really helps you to push, and reach your goals

Patrick Bermingham

Great classes, great athmosphere, great people, it changed me for the better

Edel Fenlon

LOVE ELITE…..I can feel myself getting stronger each week. Cant wait to see what the next few months will bring…Bring it on!

Sonia Hilliard

training with..


Mark and Sarah have devoted a lifetime to improving their physical fitness and conditioning, competing and winning at national levels. They bring all their energy and passion to helping you make those big fitness breakthroughs and push through any limiting beliefs. Training one on one with a personal trainer is one of the surest ways you can achieve your fitness goals…

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